Kisu Kuroneko

name More and more teachers are integrating technology in the classroom. After all, the world's a changin' and it's scary how many kids know more about computers than their parents.

At, we blog for many reasons:

1. to show cutting-edge ways that teachers bring technology into the classroom,

2. to network with other teachers who blog,

3. to model for our students that some teachers in-fact do write, and the writing process isn't something we just do in school.

4. to showcase our work

Although we teach in Ontario, many of the ideas we discuss are applicable around the world. After all, the internet has truly made our world a global village.

Kisu Kuroneko is a teacher in Ontario, Canada.

Edublogs - Where to Set Up Your Classroom Blog

12th January 2009
Want to start an educational blog, but not sure how to do it? Well, you have several options, depending on how comfortable you are with technology. 1. Use your school website to publish your student work online. Generally speaking, this is not the most co... Read >